stones to life

We offer targeted special-ed
and ABA services for ages 5-21,
within and after school hours.


SETTS/P3 arms your child with the tools to get ahead within the classroom. Our special-ed providers offer a combination of 1:1 sessions to learn classroom skills and in-classroom sessions for practical skill application.

Children learn:  Reading | Math | Behavioral Skills | Classroom Behavior | Multi-sensory Skills | Social Skills


Guided by a BCBA, a behavioral para will assist your child with task
segmentation and reinforce positive behaviors, fostering enhanced skill
development and improved conduct.

Therapy (SLP)

Our speech therapists help your child gain skills in areas of:
  • articulation
  • comprehension 
  • auditory processing

Therapy (OT)

Your child’s occupational therapist will tackle: 
  • executive function skills 
  • organizational skills 
  • fine motor skills


A health para will remain at your child’s side to monitor,
support, and attend to health challenges.


A behavioral para will provide your child with in-classroom
behavioral support under the guidance of a BCBA.

It takes a team
of goal-getters
for your child
to get ahead.

Your child’s role is simple, to be loved and to learn.
As a parent, your role should be simple too - to
love, support and be proud of your child.

With the Aim Further team standing behind your
child - you can relax, knowing your child is being
advocated for and is set to reach their goals, with
loving providers and supervisors at their side.
They call it the Aim family for a reason -
your child’s wins are our why.

I am ready for wins

The Aim Further difference

  • Seeing the child,
    not just the scores.

    Academic goals are only one element in servicing your
    child. Our whole child approach means we also focus on
    your child’s social, emotional, and behavioral needs.

  • Providers matched,
    not just vetted.

    Taking into account your child’s goals, personality,
    cultural needs and school setting, we find a provider
    with relevant expertise to best fit your child’s needs. 

  • Supervisors on site,
    in sight.

    Expect supervisors in school, at home, and on a first
    -name basis with you, your child, and their providers.
    You'll get their personal cell number for easy contact.

  • Check-ins,
    no chases.

    Expect frequent calls, team meetings — and a voice
    on the other end of the line whenever you reach out.
    Our priority is for you to always be in the loop. 

  • Scheduling,
    that works.

    Fill in the gaps without your child missing out.
    We work with you and your child’s teachers to ensure
    sessions are scheduled right for everyone involved.

  • Meeting goals,
    but choosing better.

    Checking off IEP/IESP goals isn’t where our job stops.
    We constantly reassess and strategize to ensure your
    child can be their best self.

Let's get started

One aim.
Services right
on target.

  • Right for
    your child.

    "My son's provider
    gets our son."

    – Levi's Mommy
  • Right
    for you.

    "There's always
    someone to talk to."

    – Ethan's Dad
  • Right for
    the school.

    "Rachel's provider effectively collaborates."

    – Rachel's Teacher

Ready, aim,


Reach out to
our intake expert.

We hear about your child’s needs and support you with the legwork, so your child can get the support he or she needs — fast.


We assemble your
child’s dream team.

Parents, teachers and providers
will be consulted to ensure your
child’s team clicks and will work in
a synchronized fashion.


Your child sets out
to hit their goals.

Together, we’ll bring out the best
in your child and constantly
reassess progress — adjusting
their care plan accordingly.


We assemble your
child’s dream team.

Parents, teachers and providers
will be consulted to ensure your
child’s team clicks and will work in
a synchronized fashion.

Let’s do this

Little voices.
Loud results.

“I can read big words.”

- Danny, 7

“I am no longer scared to raise my hand in class."

- Isaac, 10

“Multiplication makes sense to me."

- Brianna, 11

Ready to unlock your
child’s potential?

Let's talk